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Dr. Melinda Lawlor Skrade


Melinda Skrade comes to SHC from Pope Pius XI High School in Milwaukee, 威斯康辛州, and has a broad spectrum of educational and leadership experiences at the elementary, secondary and collegiate level as a teacher and administrator. She brings a breadth of knowledge in all aspects of school operations including strategic planning, institutional advancement, alumni relations and enrollment management. Melinda has had a long career at Pius XI first as teacher, then principal and ultimately president when Pius XI moved to the president-principal model. Melinda holds a PhD in Educational Policy and 领导 as well as an MA in American 历史, both from Marquette University. Melinda has connections to the Bay Area as close family members live here; she has also taught at St. Anselm parish school in Ross.


Dr. Gary J. 大炮


Gary J. 大炮 earned his BA from the University of Notre Dame, his Master of Divinity from the Jesuit School of Theology, and his doctorate at the University of San Francisco’s Catholic Educational 领导 Program. 大炮 first joined SHC in 1997 as an instructor of Theology. In 2001, he was appointed assistant principal for student life and subsequently led the development of a strategic plan in technology. He has served as principal since 2011, embracing the challenges and satisfaction of working with the students, 教师, staff and families of SHC.


椅子 Gerald Murphy, JD; Elizabeth Brown 父母 Association 总统; Kase Abusharkh ’00; Fr. Arturo Albano; Sr. Adella Armentrout, DC; Stella Bialous, DrPH; Courtney Chin ’03; Neal Corkery ’95; Richard Cutler, PhD; Ed Delfs; Carol Wicklund Enright; Sandra Gulli; Miguel Guzman ’91; Kevin Harrigan ’74; Steve Heath; Francois Hechinger; Daniel Holland ’79; Janet Holland ’77; Monica Kelly ’06; John Kruger; Charles Love; Eileen Malley, JD ’77; Sister Frances Meyer, DC; Gina Mulvey ’94; Joey Nevin ’01; Margaret O’Driscoll; Jeffrey Porter ’72; William D. Rauch, JD; Roman Rodriguez, MD ’68; James Ryan, Jr.; Sue Sami; Stacie Solt, MD ’99; Ed Wang ’90; Br. Tom Westberg, FSC; Harold Wong ’77; 

当然的 Melinda Lawlor Skrade, PhD, 总统; 加里大炮, EdD, 校长; 约翰·古米纳,1991年, VP for Advancement and Enrollment; 约翰米. 维81年, Director of Stewardship and 未来给


In order to fulfill and advance our Catholic, Lasallian Vincentian mission, SHC will achieve the following strategic objectives.

1. Strengthen and Promote a Culture of Excellence

  • Implement a continuous improvement plan that includes all groups within 居屋社区 (board, administration, 教师, staff, maintenance, parent volunteers, departments, programs, etc.)
  • Design and build a curriculum and learning infrastructure for the future that achieves educational excellence and innovation for all students

2. Build and Communicate a Powerful Brand

  • Develop a marketing message and advertising campaign to effectively promote SHC
  • Roll out new and consistent brand identity
  • Engage and empower the whole community in promoting SHC as the finest education in the Bay Area

3. Ensure Financial Sustainability

  • Increase revenues and develop alternative revenue streams beyond tuition
  • Contain increase in overall costs to no more than increases in tuition
  • Adopt best practices throughout the organization to achieve a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness

Independent High School serving San Mateo, Marin, San Francisco, and Alameda Counties.